ZUMBA® is the original fitness dance class. If you love to dance, this class is for you. You will have fun while you burn calories and increase fitness, flexibility and coordination. Join the party!


BODYCOMBAT is a martial arts class including Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Boxing, Taekwondo and Karate. It will increase your fitness and burn calories like no other class.


The high-energy cardio class that gets you fit, fast. BODYATTACK™️ includes running, jumping and pushups to increase your fitness and strength. Prepare to sweat in this class.


Proven to be the fastest way on earth to change your body, BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell workout using light weights. This class will tone your muscles and shape your body.


Increase fitness and tone your entire body with TRX®. This class uses suspension, equipment and body weight to give great results in short time.


CrossFit-style circuit training for a full body blast! Increase your fitness and strength with ropes, balls, weights and more.


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This fun, action-packed class is based on the fitness principles of BOXING using bags and pads. Interval-style cardio and bodyweight training combined with core exercises for a full-body blast.


Postures are practiced in our YOGA classes to align, stretch and promote flexibility in the body. This class will tone and strengthen your entire body, while calming and relaxing your mind.


Get fit and have fun in STEPS class. Uplifting music drives this cardio workout using steps, hand weights and ankle weights.


Low-impact flexibility and muscular strength movements using PILATES equipment and bodyweight. This class improves postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.


Ride with the best cycling instructors from around the world in live and virtual classes. Advanced BODY BIKEⓇ technology allows your real-time workout information.