Train like a pro at home!

Your Personal Trainer can come to you and train you in the privacy of your own home anywhere in Abu Dhabi.

We bring all of the equipment you need for your training sessions, so you do not need anything except for a little space in your home to exercise with your trainer.

In-Home Personal Training is the best solution for ladies who prefer privacy of their own home or are unable to get to the Club.
Your results and improvements are monitored monthly to ensure the training is reaching towards your fitness goals.

1. Why should I train with a Personal Trainer?

If you want to achieve a specific goal and need the motivation to do so, then a Personal Trainer is the right option for you. Your Personal Trainer works closely with you by tailoring your workouts, while taking your ability and fitness level into consideration. They teach you the correct way to execute exercises to ensure you are safe and effective while doing so.

2. What is the cost of Personal Training?
3. How many ladies can the Personal Trainer take at one time?
4. Why is it that only up to 5 ladies can train at one time?
5. Should I train by myself or with others?
6. What will my first Personal Training session involve?
7. How long are Personal Training sessions?
8. How many sessions per week do I need to do per week?
9. What should I wear for my Personal Training sessions?
10. What should I eat before and after the session?

Eat 2 to 3 hours before your session to allow the food to digest completely. It also depends on you – if you prefer to have something light before you workout, then fruit like a banana or dates are perfect. After your workout, fruit is excellent like banana and dates. Also aim to eat some form of protein such as meats, fish, eggs, natural yoghurt or quinoa to re-fuel your muscles after your workout.

11. What equipment will I use?
12. Will my muscles be sore afterwards?
13. I am thinking of starting In-Home Personal Training but I am not 100% sure - what can I do?
14. Is it OK to workout if I feel tired, unwell or have my period?
15. What is the best way to lose weight?
16. Is it safe to exercise when pregnant?
17. How long after giving birth can I exercise again?
18. How long until I see results?

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