Full-body muscle-toning training

PUMP CIRCUIT class gets you in shape in a short time.

This weights-based circuit class works all of the major muscle groups in one-hour using many types of equipment and exercises. Exercises include isolation training - to target specific areas and muscles, and compound training - to work several muscles groups at the same time. Using both of these training types allows the body to shape quickly and change fast.

Every PUMP CIRCUIT class is a different workout every time to keep your mind and your body guessing. Try a PUMP CIRCUIT class with us today and see for yourself.
1. What is PUMP CIRCUIT?
PUMP CIRCUIT class at Home Fitness is circuit-style training with weighted exercises. Equipment may include barbells, weighted plates, dumbbells and more. Every PUMP CIRCUIT class is different so you will always be pleasantly surprised with every workout.
2. How long is a PUMP CIRCUIT class?
3. How old do you have to be to participate?
4. How many calories will i burn at a PUMP CIRCUIT class?
5. What if I'm out of shape and I can't keep up?
6. What are the Membership options at Home Fitness?
7. What should I wear and bring to class?
Wear comfortable sports clothing like leggings and t-shirt. Proper sports shoes are compulsory for safety. Casual or "tone-up" shoes are not advised. We have water and fresh towels at the Club so all you need to bring is yourself!
8. How early should I arrive for class?
9. Can I take more than one class a day?
10. How long until I see results?
11. What are the benefits of PUMP CIRCUIT class?
12. Do I have to lift big weights?

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